Best Crete Trekking Routes

crete | June 23, 2017

The wondrous land of Crete is filled with remarkable landscapes, with hills, mountains and planes, gorges, caves and lakes that will take your breath away. The best way to explore this astonishing Greek island is on foot, as it hides a breadth of secret beauties every step of the way.

So, get ready for the most exhilarating adventure to Crete's miraculous nature, grab your map, your hat, your sun-screen lotion, a pair of trekking boots and set off to discover the island's wonders with some of the most amazing trekking tours in Crete.

You may begin your trekking in Chania with the most famous trekking gorge in all of Europe, the 18 km long gorge of Samaria starting from the Omalos plateau. Head to the gorgeous beach of Agia Roumeli and then board on a ferry to the nearest harbor. If on the other hand you feel like trekking your way to the top, head for the highest peak of Ida Range, Timios Stavros, standing at an altitude of 2546 meters either from the north or the south. It's best though to follow the route of Migeros as it is the shortest route to the top.

If now you are more of a naturist set off to discover the most significant ecosystem in central Crete, Rouvas oak forest. Begin your hike from Zaros Lake, through the Gafaris gorge until you reach the verdant landscape of Agios Ioannis. Another green oasis awaits in the eastern part of Crete where you can refresh your spirit with a bath at the 20m high waterfall of Richtis, a trail starting from Exo Mouliana, through Lahanas bridge, pass the watermills and into the wild landscape of Richtis gorge.

If you are interested in capturing all the shades of blue, then head to the cobalt blue lagoon of Elafonissi. Reach the beach of Kedrodasos and Krios cape and call it a night at the scenic town of Paleochora. When the morning comes we advise you to head for Gialiskari beach, the ancient town of Lissos and end your journey at Sougia.

For adventurers who prefer the island's most beautiful seascapes, the Sfakia coastline is also worth the trip. Begin your trekking in Chania from Sougia and make your way to the beach of Domata and continue to Agia Roumeli where you can spend the night. After a good night sleep, follow the coastline to Agios Pavlos and continue straight ahead until you reach Loutro where you can stop and unwind for the night. On your final day enjoy a refreshing swim at Glyka Nera and explore from side to side the picturesque Chora of Sfakia.

Those who'd rather explore some more mystical sceneries then the Mountain Desert of the White Mountains is a must trek trail. The area features a number of shelters where you can spend the night. Another must trek route to follow is that, leading to the Gorge of the Dead in East Crete, passing through caves and Minoan tombs. The Trail of Dikti offering magnificent views to the Selanako slopes and the Lassithi plateau as well as the route to Gigilos peak standing 2080 meters above the ground, starting from Xyloskalo are certainly some of the most favorable destinations for trekking in Crete.

Other routes worth trekking are definitely those leading to Imbros gorge, the gorge of Agia Irini and Aradena gorge as well as the mythical trail of Jiouktas and the trail to the monastery of Koudoumas.

With so many hidden trails to follow, trekking in Crete may become even more adventurous than you expect, so we advise you to follow Ariadne's example, leave a thread behind so as to know at all times the way of your return...

Bon Voyage!