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chania | January 31, 2020

Ancient beauty secrets to nourish the soul

Greek Beauty Tricks

Before the days of countless shadow colors and endless lipstick shades, ladies relied on ancient beauty rituals to achieve the perfect look, skin tone and texture. However, even though the mythical fountain of youth may still not have not been discovered today, many are unaware of the beauty tricks Greeks have mastered for decades. Not only do Greek products revolve around that sunny Mediterranean climate but are geared to nourish the skin and soul as the ancients did millennia ago. Think a lot of olive oil, avocado, and herbs like rosemary and sage. The result is very clean formulas that are ultra-nourishing to skin and hair. The Greeks and even more specifically the Cretans are connoisseurs in harvesting the healing powers of organically derived ingredients such as organic olive oil, honey, aloe, citrus and fragrant flowers and herbs. Key ingredients sure to turn you into a Greek Goddess. For these reasons Crete is an upcoming destination for Spa treatments and holistic therapies aimed at infusing the soul and body with only the purest of products, in the most spectacular of locations. A favorite to mention is the “Blessings” brand founded in Crete. Through passionate and persistent performance their natural, pure and highly effective products formulated for spa treatments are ideal for people of all walks that have the need to relax or rejuvenate. Inspired by the blue of the Aegean, its salty waters and sound of the crashing waves, “Blessings” use only the finest of ingredients in their soaps, scrubs and oils to not only nourish the skin but the mind as well. Their philosophy is that the body is the temple of the soul, so its care should be a ritual. With pure ingredients, taken from the Cretan land, they made food for the body created with love and passion. From the baths of Helen of Troy, the rituals and recipes from ancient Greek baths are thus still practiced in modern day beauty rituals and regimes to relax, nourish or revitalize the mental spirit. For an invigorating and holistic experience join us the Kiani Beach Spa where professional masseurs and practitioners harness the powers of all of the above ingredients and ancient beauty methods providing unforgettable treatments and what is sure to be a pampering experience under the Mediterranean sun. For more information please email: