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chania | March 13, 2020

Take a walk into Cretan Spring

Chania certainly is a great destination for those who love nature,

with interesting walking and hiking paths through the unspoiled gorges. With amazing diversity, natural beauty and living traditions it’s dry climate combined with the sea breeze forms an ideal environment for avid walkers and joggers.

Only a stones throw away from Kiani Beach Resort and the village of Kalyves in Chania, discover some of the most spectacular walking routes along the “Xydeas” River in Stylos and into the olive and orange groves.

With several walking or off trail jogging routes around the Kalyves and neighboring villages, choose between sea trekking routes or walk through the mountains and into the local smaller villages with alot of sight seeing to do along the way.

Experienced team members at Kiani Beach Resort will be able to provide you with detailed routes, directions and information regarding the walking routes. The only thing left will be for you to embark on a beautiful spring journey into the Cretan landscape, making sure to take pictures along the way!

Below is an example of a route within Kalyves Village:

Beyond the smaller villages and local paths, lies the famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe with even more organised trekking groups. The Samaria Gorge is classified as a national park and is one of the most spectacular natural parks in Europe with rare species of flora and fauna, such as the Cretan wild goat as well as rare species of eagles and wild birds, which are all protected by international treaties. The gorge offers the perfect place for nature and trail lovers to explore the flora and fauna of Chania in a dramatic mountainous landscape.

Join us in one of our hikes this Spring in Chania and discover the majestic, colourful and aromatic Cretan landscape first hand.