The Legendary Cretan Gastronomy

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The traditional Cretan cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. The richness and quality of the Cretan land provides a breadth of local products and ingredients that are artfully used to create the most delicious recipes known for their unique flavour, aromas, freshness and above all quality. Meals are prepared with many ingredients, ample olive oil, not altered by excessive spices.

The main ingredients of the Cretan diet are virgin olive oil, wild greens, vegetables, beans, lentils, fish, meat, sea food, herbs, wine and tsikoudia. A large variety of cheeses, especially Cretan graviera, athotiro and mizithra, are also fundamental to the Cretan diet along with local products such as yoghurt, honey, and various fruits witch complete and compliment this precious cuisine.

The Cretan diet is now recognized by the international scientific community as the most respective and qualitative example of the Mediterranean diet. In an age when debate rages over what is the right balanced diet that leads to a longer, healthier life, Cretans sit back and smile contentedly over their dietary tradition and achievements.

The eating habits of the island, have led them to have one of the highest life expectancies anywhere in the world, (at around 90 years), and one of the lowest incidences of heart and other chronic diseases worldwide. Following scientific research and statistical analyses since the 1960s, the Cretan nutrition has been proven to promote health and longevity.

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