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crete | Januar 7, 2021

Travel in the era of Coronavirus

In 2020 the travel and leisure industry has been one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic with countries on lockdown, hotels, restaurants, bars all closed and people confined to their homes. Despite the obstacles faced this year the majority within the hotel industry in Greece have welcomed guests to the sunny islands with strict health and safety protocols in place to ensure the stop of the spread of the virus.

With this as a fact, thousand’s of holidays have thus been able to enjoy their summer holiday stress free and responsibly under the Cretan sun with their families in Chania.

This was the case at SeaCrete Hotels where strict protocols were in place for staff and guests ensuring social distancing and contact less holidays.

Some of the measures taken included:

• The use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment such as masks, gloves & face shields), hand washing hygiene, cleaning product specifications in guest rooms and common area cleaning procedures.

• Intensified cleaning & disinfection across all touch points & guestrooms.

• High standards of food safety in buffet and bar areas (HACCP procedures).

• Moderate occupancy operation to ensure distancing including changed furniture layout in social areas such as pool areas, beach bar and restaurants.

• Disinfectant dispensers for guests placed in all public areas.

• Random thermal testing in place for randomly chosen guests at certain times of the day.

• Doctors on call 24/7 including the provision of a Public and Private hospital 20 minutes away from SeaCrete Hotels.

• Ventilated and open air rooms (with the option of ceiling fans for circulating fresh air), restaurants and public spaces.

• Touch less equipment, for switches, lights & sinks in public areas & WCs including at the buffets and communal drinks areas.

• Sanitizers, pedal-taps and autonomic sinks at various points including recycling bins with pedal opening mechanism. Signs have been placed all around the hotel prompting guests to wash their hands regularly.

• A fully equipped working space allowing you to conduct business as usual from our resort, or the comfort of your own room.

Despite the challenges the future may bring to travelers and the hotel industry world wide, it is now clearer than ever the need to be focused on our mission in providing guests & staff a healthy and sanitized environment for all to enjoy. At SeaCrete Hotels all staff and team aim to ensure they provide the care and hygienic environment you would provide for your own family.