Why visit Chania in the Summer

April 3, 2017

Even though the island of Crete is in fact an all-year round destination, the prefecture of Chania is actually even better during the summer when the warm days, the sweet summer breeze and the shimmering sun add an extra touch of magic to the atmosphere. So, if you are thinking of long sandy beaches, abundant sunlight, verdant landscapes, crystal clear waters and open skies for your holidays, sit back as we are about to explore all the reasons why you should visit Chania in the summer.

Stunningly Beautiful Beaches
The prefecture of Chania is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire island, enchanting beaches for every taste and desire. Take a swim in the crystalline waters of Kiani Beach and relax on its sun kissed shore. When the wind is low and you are seeking for a paradise on earth to relax and enjoy your swim make sure to head to the beautiful beach of Falassarna set amidst a fertile plane, only 58 km west of Chania town. Unwind in the idyllic setting and lose yourself in the tranquil turquoise waters. On the northwest of Chania, approximately 60 km from the town lies the gorgeous beach and lagoon of Balos, one of the best beaches of Chania, renowned for its crystalline waters, its white sand and soft seabed. A scenery worth a thousand words, as if taken out of a fairytale. Speaking of fairy-tales we couldn't leave out of our picks the wondrous pink beach of Elafonissi with the hundreds of shells voted as one of the 10 best beaches in the world by tripadvisor. Last but not least and unspoiled by mass tourism is the beach of Loutro on the southwest of Crete where you can relax with an ice-cold beer or canoe your way into the endless azure.

Incredible monuments
After a refreshing break at some of the most gorgeous beaches of Crete it is time to explore the island's past, its heritage and culture, follow its evolvement through centuries, its development, progress and prosperity. Begin with a visit to the Maritime Museum of Crete at the entrance of the port of Chania and marvel exhibits from the Second World War and Battle of Crete as well as a number of relics, maps, paintings, photographs, ship models and nautical instruments that bear witness to Crete's significant nautical past. Moving from the past to the present and the lovely days of the summer when everything is in full bloom and full of life what a better way to embrace nature and its wonders than with a visit to the Botanic Park & Gardens of Crete. Step into a natural oasis of scents and sounds, where you will encounter hundreds of species of plants and animals, fruit trees and herbs from all over the world as well as medicinal and ornamental plants only 15 minutes away from the town of Chania. On the east side of Chania, the Akrotiri peninsula offers and oasis for the soul welcoming you to discover the religious and cultural heritage of Crete with a visit to its impressive monasteries including Agia Triada founded on the 17th century, Moni Gouverneto, built on the 16th century and the ruins of Moni Katholiko. On your way there you will also encounter the Bear Cave dedicated to goddess Artemis where you can stop to marvel the enormous stalagmite and to the end of the route lies a rocky beach where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Of course if you are a history buff you cannot leave the region without first visiting the ancient site of Aptera, situated only 15 km away from Chania and only a 10-minute drive away from Kiani Beach Resort. Observe the sanctuary from the 4th century BC, the in-ground theater, the Roman cisterns, the necropolis found close by as well as several other findings witnessing the island's gracious past.

The Majesty of Chania
The town of Chania is a threshold to a bygone era, influenced by the Venetian and Ottoman domination as witnessed to the day. A town evoking a medieval magnificence, a unique charm and an unrivalled sense of romanticism. Begin your every day with a rich Cretan breakfast, with a sweet or sour bougatsa pastry treat preferred by the locals. Lose yourself in the cobblestone alleys of the Venetian Harbor, visit the Lighthouse and follow the nostalgic paths to the town's bustling center where you will encounter a number of cafes, restaurants, bars and gift shops all with a distinct character and style. Follow the scents and flavors to the Municipal market of Chania with its amazing eateries and refined dishes and taste for yourself the finest of the Cretan gastronomy. If what you are looking for is a more authentic, quiet and laid back atmosphere, then take a ride to the scenic village of Therisso, 16km away from the town of Chania. Marvel the dramatic scenery and gorge, the river and verdant surroundings, climb the high peak Pachnes or simply hike through the gorge while embracing the splendid nature of Crete. Of course you couldn't leave Crete without seeing the world-renowned gorge of Samaria so take a day trip to the gorge, observe the rare flora and fauna and hike your way to the other side through the blessings of nature. To reach the other side of the gorge you will need approximately from 3-5 hours depending on your physical condition.

The Local Life
To fully experience life as a local you first need to narrow it down to a local's everyday routine, occupation and lifestyle. The Cretan economy is mostly based on cattle-raising, fishing, agriculture and viniculture so what a better way to taste the essence of Crete than by attending a wine tasting event at the old venetian harbor where you will be given the opportunity to taste some of the island's most eclectic wines such as Vilana, Mantilari, Kotsifali, Liatiko, Malvazia, Dafni, Plyto and Moschato Spinas along with locally produced goods and mouthwatering Cretan specialties. After savoring the finest that the Cretan land has to offer it is time for you to cheer, to socialize and discover the festive side of Crete. Attend the Cretan World Musical Festival in Chania, listen to the sounds of Jazz and ethnic music and witness how international music can be artfully blended with local music from Crete. Now that you've uncovered the festive side of Chania in summer, it is time for you to also experience the vivid Chania summer nightlife. Stroll through the picturesque streets, enjoy a few drinks and several local delicacies and dance the night away at some of the coolest bars overlooking the Aegean Sea until the sun comes up again showing you the way to new adventures.

Crete in summer is like a colorful painting, like a collection of images, of thoughts and feelings, of moments that you always dreamt of but couldn't really experience. How would you feel if this summer you could actually live your dreams to the fullest in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean?