Excursion to Knossos

Departure: 07:55am
On our journey to Heraklion we stop on the way for coffee. At 10:00am we arrive in Heraklion and visit Knossos Palace and the archaeological museum of Heraklion. Free time in Heraklion until 16:00pm. Departure and arrival to Chania 19:00pm

About Knossos
Knossos is an ancient city of Crete, on the north coast near Heraklion. The site was occupied long before 3000BC, and was the centre of the Bronze Age culture and Minoan civilization. The city was destroyed before 1500BC and was splendidly rebuilt only to be destroyed again in 1400BC, probably by the hands of invaders from the Greek mainland. This marked the end of Minoan culture. Knossos later became an ordinary but flourishing Greek city, and it continued to exist through the Roman period until the 4th century. By Greek legend it was the capital of King Minos and the site of the labyrinth.

Tuesday & Sunday

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