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chania | octobre 21, 2021

Kalyves, Chania: The perfect holiday location

One could not pick a better spot for the ultimate summer beach vacation than Kalyves and the surrounding area. Kalyves is a village located 18 km east from the city of Chania, Crete, and one of the three seaside resorts in the region of Apokoronas.

The ultimate summer beach vacation

It is the ideal place for your summer holidays especially when traveling with family, as the areas has something to offer for all! From long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, to superb mountain scenery and nature trails, the location is a true gem of a find for any couple or family looking to experience a true Greek summer vacation in the heart of Crete.
Discover why this location is a top choice for may holiday goers year after year:

Endless golden shores in Kalyves and Kiani Beach
During summer, Kalyves beach is the beating heart of the village. The beach which is a block down from the square of the village, is interrupted by the outfall of the Xydas river, in front of the Kalyves beach hotel, and then stretches east up to the harbor. The beach is well organized with sun beds and umbrellas and ideal for families. The coastline continues to meet Kiani Beach where its crystal clear waters shimmer against a backdrop of the White Mountains “Lefka Ori” and Ancient Aptera. Both beaches are awarded with a blue flag.

Stunning river walks and foot paths
Tucked away under the shade of thousands of trees lie the Kiliaris River. The river starts near the village of Stylos in Apokorona and empties on the beach of the Cote d’Azur near Kalyves. Its length is 5 km and it is the second largest river in water flow in Crete. The river is a very important wetland for birds, turtles, amphibians, eels and crabs. It passes through orchards, a valley of olive groves and the vegetation until it reaches the sea. Footpaths and nature walks are in place along its banks offering stunning afternoon walks or bike rides for the whole family.

10 min from Ancient Aptera
Only a 10 minute drive from Kiani Beach Resort lies Ancient Aptera, a magnificent structure on the hill top overlooking the area. The views from the top offer some of the most spectacular on the island. The archaeological site of Aptera, which was the most powerful city of western Crete during Minoan time give details about the settlement’s composition, the city’s architecture, the religion and habits of Apterean residents who were keen archers and even further depth into the history of the Cretan Civilization.

Authentic Village Life
Discover the authentic Cretan villages of Stylos, Kalami, Vamos, Kokkino Choria and Armenous, all within a 15 minute drive from our location and seeped in history, culture and traditions. Enjoy the taverns each of these villages have to offer or even take a leisurely stroll through the streets to meet the locals who would be happy to strike up a conversation and show you around!

One this is for sure, this unique location is one not to miss on a trip to Chania, Crete, whether it be spring, summer, autumn!

Take a look at an exclusive 360 Birds Eye View of the area of Kiani and Kalyves! Click on the gallery below: