Thrilling Family Activities in Crete

crete | January 16, 2017

The island of Crete is a top family destination as it offers a great variety of family-friendly facilities, top-notch entertainment options and activities for travelers of all ages. Besides its stunningly beautiful coastline, its natural treasures and historical sites and attractions, Crete offers ample of family-centric activities that will turn your holidays into an adventure to cherish for life.

So, let's discover one by one the most amazing things to do with your family while in Crete.

Explore the majestic seabed of Crete, scuba dive into the azure and enjoy the most exhilarating parasailing, jet ski, sup board, windsurf, paddling and snorkeling adventures with your kids. Some of the beaches perfect for all kinds of water sports are the beaches of Falassarna, Agia Marina, Damnoni, Platania, Bali, Plaka, Malia, Elounda and Almyrida.

Here is a list of Watersports Centers in Crete.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort- +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel- +30 28250 31285

Blue Adventures Dive Center, Chania, +30 2821040403

Omega Divers, Chania, +30 2825031412

Watersports Center Crete, Ammoudara, Heraklion, +30 6942460990

Dolphin Water Sports, Sirens Beach, Malia, Heraklion, +30 28970 32250

Paraflight Sea Sports, Agia Marina Beach, Chania, +30 697 342 9054

Yacht Sailing-Boat Trips
Sail the azure of the Cretan sea, discover the remote coves, the caves and lagoons on a private yacht and experience an entire day in the sun with your family. Rent a boat or a luxury yacht from a yacht rental in Crete and sail the day away!

Here are some of the best yacht rentals in Crete.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort - +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel - +30 28250 31285 (can arrange rentals for you)

Skipper BSK Marine, Hania, +30 2821031200

Sailing Creta, Hania, +30 6973400077

Rentboat by Glaridis-Archanes, Heraklion, +30 6947566490

Authentic Crete, Chania, +30 28210 64809

Cretan Yachts, port of Heraklion, +30 6948 042069

Captain Hook-Heraklion, +30 28102 25368

Dolphin Cruises, Rethymno, +30 28310 57666

Marine 360 AE, Rethymno, +30 28310 53000

If you are looking forward for the catch of the day avoid high temperatures and windless spots and prefer to go fishing very early in the morning or after 5 in the afternoon. If you enjoy underwater fishing, make sure you take your chances where the waters are at least 10-20 meters deep. The best places to go fishing in Crete are the areas of Agia Pelagia, Agioi Pantes, Ak. Sideros, Georgioupoli, Elounda, Bali and Siteia.

Biking is the best way to increase your wellbeing and discover the beauties of Crete on an organized bicycle tour or a tour of your own that you can plan with your family. Ride through traditional villages and scenic mountain roads and explore the rugged coastal landscape of Crete. Many companies offer family tours and even fun challenges for children to complete along the way.

Please find some of the bike rental companies below.

Hellas Bike, Agia Marina, Chania, +30 28210 60858

Cycling Creta, +30 6947 308 452

The Hub, Malia, +30 6944258619

Crete Bikes, Rethymno, +30 28310 71715

Joyride bike, Rethymno, +30 690 690 3223

Discover the underwater treasures of Crete with a visit to Aquaworld in Hersonissos. Explore the unique display of local sea life and reptiles and enjoy hands-on interaction with your young ones.

Aquaworld Aquarium, Limenas Hersonissou, +30 28970 29125

Dinosauria Park
Travel back to the prehistoric times and the Mesozoic era with your family as you marvel one by one the models of prehistoric species and dinosaurs, learn about these exceptional forms of life through educational displays and interactive activities and excavate fossils. But always beware of the dinosaurs as they move and shout at their convenience.

Dinosaur Park, Gournes, Heraklion, Crete, +30 2810 332089

What a better place to hike than the world renowned Samaria gorge of Crete measuring 18 km long. Other amazing places where you would enjoy hiking, climbing or trekking with your family are the gorges of Agia Eirini, of Agiofarango, of Koutsouras, of Pefki, of Pervolakia, of Polyrinnia, of Rouvas and Zakros as well as the entire area of Messara, the White Mountains, Mt Ida, Mt Dikti and Trypiti.

For more routes and extra information make sure to contact some of Crete's outdoor activities centers listed below.

Explore Crete, Heraklion +30 2810 246299, Chania +30 28210 92943

Cretan Adventures, Heraklion, +30 2810 332772

Dromolatis, Paleochora, Chania +30 694 9200131

Cretan Caves
Other amazing natural wonders that your kids would love are the mountainous caves of Crete. Embark on a daily adventure to Dikteon Cave and marvel the stalagmites and stalactites up close at this cave said to be the birthplace of Zeus or visit the equally beautiful cave of Sfentoni in the village of Zoniana.

Water Parks-Water Slides
For those who enjoy an extra water splash the water park of Crete, Acqua Plus is the place to be. Go down the extreme water slides or let your kids safely play in the specially designed kids pools. For more aquatic games the water park of Limnoupolis is another favorable choice for fun in the water.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel +30 28250 31285 (can arrange an excursion for you)

Acqua Plus-5th km Hersonissos to Kasteli, 71200, Hersonissos Crete, +30 6944000044

Limnoupolis Water Park Varypetro, Chania, +30 28210 33246

Horseback riding-Horse Carriage Rides
Enjoy a horseback riding adventure with your family through olive groves, villages, plateaus and stretches of golden sand or if you prefer a carriage ride.

For more information, contact one of the following horseback riding centers.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel +30 28250 31285 (can arrange the ride for you)

Arion Stables, Hersonissos, +30 6973 7338 25

Plakias Horse Riding Center, Rethymno, +30 2832031196

Zoraïda's Horse-Riding, Georgioupolis, Chania, +30 2825061745

Odysseia Stables, Velani 46, Avdou Pediados, Hersonissos, +30 28970 51080

Labyrinth Park
Let the children trace the paths of Greek mythology as they search their way out of the maze by solving educational puzzles and quizzes in order to escape the dreadful Minotaur.

4th km Hersonissos to Kasteli Road, Ano Hersonisos, Heraklion, +30 28970 29297

Jeep Safari
Hop on a 4×4 and follow the forest trails to Dikti or the Lasithi Mountains, visit the villages and attractions you encounter along the way and marvel the incredible landscapes and lush vegetation of the Lasithi plateau and the nearby regions.

Plan your Safari tour with one of the companies listed below.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel +30 28250 31285 (can arrange the safari for you)

Crete Jeep Safari Adventure, Heraklion, +30 (2810) 262455

Safari Club, Parlama street 22, Malia +30 28970 32666

Safari Adventures, 31 Georgiakakidon str, Chania, +30 6937245450

Wine Tours
Embark on a delightful excursion of flavors and aromas to Dourakis Winery, meet the family, enjoy the wines and a light lunch prepared especially for you and follow the traces of the wine making tradition.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel +30 28250 31285 (can arrange the tour for you)

Island Excursions
Visit the private island of Gramvousa and the famous lagoon of Balos, the world renowned gorge of Samaria, the stunningly beautiful beach of Elafonisi, the palace of Knossos and the beautiful island of Santorini.

SeaCrete Hotels, Kiani Beach Resort +30 2825 032300, Kalyves Beach Hotel +30 28250 31285 (can arrange all kinds of excursions for you)

See all offered excursions in Crete

No matter what kind of adventure you seek, one thing is certain, that Crete offers so many choices of entertainment and leisure for you and your family that your only concern would be how to include them all on your family holiday checklist.