Terms & Conditions

SeaCrete Hotels

1. Information
All information mentioned on this website about SeaCrete Hotels has been provided by its legitimate owners and every effort has been made in order to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, please remember that our facilities and services may alter, and changes may occur from time to time. SeaCrete Hotels cannot be held responsible for any changes that arise or errors that might have occurred. In addition, the links available at https://www.seacretehotels.com/ are given according to good faith, so as to offer additional facilities to the guests of this website. SeaCrete Hotels is neither responsible for any content held within any such websites, nor for any links contained in them.

2. Reservations
The "BOOK NOW" function will take you through a very quick and user-friendly online booking platform. You will be able to check room availability and make your booking. Once you make a booking, you will receive a confirmation reference number (it is recommended that you keep a note of this number, preferably by printing the page). Moreover, you will receive an e-mail including details of your reservation. In case you must cancel your reservation, you will need the aforementioned confirmation reference number. Cancellations (for bookings made through this website) can also be made online.

3. Bookings and Deposits
Once you make an online booking via the use of a credit card, you have secured your reservation. If your reservation cannot be honored from our side, we will arrange your accommodation in another hotel -at our expense- and provide you with transportation to and from the Kiani Beach Resort or Kalyves Beach Hotel. All reservations made through the website must be guaranteed to a major credit card (e.g. Visa, MasterCard).
Certain arrival dates and rates may require a deposit. Please check for full deposit requirements when booking a room.

4. Cancellations
Cancellations for a hotel room booking, ought to be received within the date mentioned on the booking. If cancellation is not received within the date required, a charge will apply. For more information regarding cancellations and deposit requirements, please check at the time of booking.

5. Tax & Service Charges
Regarding information that concerns tax and service charges, please refer to the rate information at the time of booking. All displayed rates and benefits are intended for 1 person for single room bookings, or for 2 persons for double room bookings and extra charges for the extra pax (i.e. more than 2 persons in the rooms no matter whether they are adults or children).

6. Use of Credit/ Debit Cards
The safety of your personal information is of major importance for SeaCrete Hotels. Our secure server software meets the industry standards and is secure for commercial transactions. It encrypts all your personal data, such as credit card number, name/surname and address, so that it cannot be accessed by third parties.

7. Early Arrivals/ Late Departures
In case you arrive early, and you wish to have immediate access to your room, beforethe usual check-in times, we recommend that you notify the hotel at least 7 days before arrival, in order to be able to confirm to you immediate access to your room (depends upon availability). Similarly, in case of late departures, making a reservation for an additional night will secure you access to your room until you leave our hotel. If you choose not to make another reservation, we will be glad to store your luggage and make our facilities available for you in order to freshen up.

8. Extending Your Stay
In case that you choose to extend your stay, a new reservation is required for the additional days. This reservation will be subject to availability, prevailing rates and subject to a possible rate change.

9. Complaints and Disputes
Should you have any complaints or queries, please email us at info@kianibeach.com

In case of disagreement, we are always willing to find a mutual solution with our guests.