New Remote Working Space

Welcome to your new sea-view office

Are you able to work from home or does your business permit working remotely? Welcome to your new sea-view office.

At Kiani Beach Resort we have created the ideal working space allowing you to conduct business as usual from our resort, or the comfort of your own room. Work efficiently, effectively and stress free.

From the comfort of our remote working office area you will have access to:

• High Speed Internet Connection

• Access to all online conferencing facilities including Zoom, Skype, Google Meetings etc.

• Cloud access to all of your working material or through remote desktop

• Technical support & assistance ensuring your working day continues as normal

Conduct business as usual within a peaceful and inspiring office space especially designed for you. With full sea-views from your new office and state of the art business facilities, making a change of scenery to your work day could not be easier!