An October to Remember in Crete

crete | October 2, 2019

The island of Crete is considered a favorable summer destination due to its incredible beaches and clear blue seas.
Although summer in Crete is an experience like no other, October in Crete is a treat for the senses as Crete in late summer resembles a queen in its prime.

The crowds are lesser, the heat is tolerable and the prices more reasonable. The weather is warm enough for those who wish to enjoy a swim or a number of water sports and cool enough for excursions to the island's most popular sights and attractions. During fall, it seems that everything is working to your advantage so if you are planning your late summer holidays in Crete let us make a few suggestions on what to do and what to see in Crete in October.

You may begin your itinerary with a visit to the archeological sites of Crete like the Minoan Palace in Malia, Knossos in Heraklion and Aptera near Chania without having to wait in line. Set off on an adventurous hike through the gorge of Samaria or other gorges of Crete if weather permitting. Visit the wetlands and specially designated areas for bird watching to observe the unique flora and fauna, ride a horse on the golden shores, walk and hike through spell-binding landscapes, climb up the mountains or paraglide from their slopes, embark on an off-road exploration and come close to nature.

Crete in late summer is a heaven for nature lovers with an uncountable number of lakes, natural and artificial ponds, dams, rivers and saltpans. It is also a place of gorgeous plateaus, slopes and mountains allowing adventure seekers to experience a number of sports associated with the late summer winds.

But what about visitors that don't seek an adventure but simply a time to relax, spoil their senses and celebrate? Well, late summer holidays in Crete are far more than an adventure, they are a treat for the senses. From the flavors of the legendary Cretan gastronomy to the scents of the fall, the sounds of the waves and the warmth of the sun, there are several occasions were you are given the opportunity to embrace the pure essence of the island while attending some of the best autumn events in Crete.

You are welcome to join the grape harvest and attend the feasts of Kazanemata taking place all over Crete. Kazanemata or else the distillation of grapes and production of the local raki usually begin in October and are accompanied by a feast with traditional music, Cretan delicacies and of course raki or else known as tsikoudia. Continuing the celebration of the harvest with the Tsikoudia festival in October you may enjoy a series of dancing and musical events while observing the traditional distillation of tsikoudia at the Venetian port of Chania.

On October the 28th, the entire country is celebrating the Greek National Holiday of OXI and so is Crete. Worth visiting at this time of the year are the Allied War Cemetery at Souda Bay and the German Cemetery of Maleme in Chania bringing back devastating memories from World War II.

If you visit Crete in late summer make sure to find out when the Chestnut Festival will take place. It is a weekend festival in the village of Elos where you can savor some of the chestnuts produced along with a feast, local flavors, music and dancing.

Keep in mind that these are simply suggestions for what to do and what to see in Crete in October...maybe someday you could offer your own.