The future looks green: Eco Tourism in Crete

crete | February 18, 2021

Greece is bestowed with not just a rich culture but also a breathtaking range of natural sites and attractions. With a varied geography, ideal Mediterranean climate and the many islands dotting its seas, Greece is the perfect place for ecotourism to flourish.

The impressive variety of plants, numbering to over 6,000 species and their sub species, contribute immensely to the European botanical field and make Greece a haven for flora. Geographical diversity is at its peak in Greece, a country where you can find birch forests, alpine grasslands, hidden ravines, high mountain peaks estuaries, seasonal rivers and so much more.

This could not be truer for Crete - where hundreds of thousands flock to yearly for a breath of fresh outdoor air. Chania in particular offers the perfect holistic get-away to wake the senses.