Crete When the Summer Ends

Crete When the Summer Ends

August 16, 2023

Things to Do in Crete in Autumn

The island of Crete is at its best in the months of September, October and November!

The weather is simply perfect, few rains, the temperatures are high but it gets milder at night and extremely pleasant.

September is also the best month to enjoy the sea temperature. After months under the Cretan sun, the water is warm for those long swimming sessions.

Why You Should Travel to Crete in September - October - November?

The biggest Greek island of all enjoys a fantastic position in the southern portion of the Mediterranean. September marks the end of summer in the rest of Europe, with cloudier skies and colder temperatures.

However, September in Crete is still summer!

It's certainly true that you won't find the scorching heat that's typical of August, but the temperatures are high, and going to the beach or enjoying outdoor adventures is a common thing to do on the island.

What's the Weather Like in Crete in Autumn?

Located quite south off the coast of mainland Greece, and even rather close to the northern coast of Africa, the weather in Crete is warm and dry in Autumn. Officially, September marks the end of our hot summers. However, on the island, days are still rather long and very warm.

The sun is still enough to give you a fantastic suntan, but be careful.

Enjoy the smaller crowds

Although many tourists choose to spend their holidays in Crete during this month, crowds show a small decline as many children go back to school in September all over Europe. September is a great month for older couples, families with small kids, and young adults with a more limited budget. As a matter of fact, prices for flights, car rental, and accommodation start going down.

What to Pack for Crete in September

All in all, you will need the same clothes you would pack for a summer holiday, just add a light jumper or jacket, and a raincoat as you might find the occasional shower

Expect to go to the beach a lot, or to do quite a few outdoor activities, pack a couple of swimming suits, flip flops, sunscreen, and a hat.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

1. Going to the Beach
Going to the beach remains one of the top and most popular things to do in Crete in September. You can explore lesser-known coasts if you choose beaches in the south, or you can try popular places such as Balos or Elafonisi.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

2. Experiencing the Mountains
Taking a trip to the mountains! It's also a great idea to stay in a traditional village. It will give you a whole different perspective and it can prove a very relaxing getaway. There are several mountain ranges in every region of the island. There are valleys, plateaus, gorges, and well-marked paths that you can follow.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

3. Visiting a Museum
There are hundreds of other interesting museums even in small villages as well as several archaeological museums in Chania, Rethymnon, Sita, Agios Nikolaos, Kissamos, and Ierapetra. There are different ecclesiastic museums, some of them inside different monasteries, or you can pick the interesting war museum in Askifou Plateau or the unique Maritime Museum in Chania.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

4. Discovering the Archaeological Sites
Cradle of the Minoan Civilization, the island is home to some of the most stunning archaeological sites in Greece. Your choice starts from the Minoan Palace of Knossos but you can also pick to visit other former Minoan palaces, such as Phaistos, Malia, or Kato Zakros. Enjoy a wide choice of sites in Chania as well with Ancient Aptera beig a popular point for all.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

5. Embarking on a Road Trip
Driving in Crete is one of the best experiences you can pick for an unforgettable vacation. It was the way we used to tour the island before we moved here and, for me, it remains the most exciting kind of trip.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

6. Try the Local Cuisine
The local gastronomy of Crete, based on the tasty Cretan and Mediterranean diets, is among the main reasons to explore the island. Local flavors, genuine ingredients, and seasonal products guarantee a result full of flavors, always fresh, and incredibly healthy. Replicating the recipes of the Cretan table once back home is one of the best souvenirs you can invest in when visiting Crete.

Best things to Do in September in Crete

7. Visit the incredible wineries and enjoy a glass or two
With such a huge selection of wonderful wines and local varieties to try, taking an organised excursion to the wineries of the region to sample local flavours. Local establishements with world renowned fame such as the infamous Dourakis or Manousakis wineries are a must to see, along with smaller distilleries.

One thing is sure, Chania and Crete is as charming and wonderful to travellers world wide in the Autumn months just as it is in the summer. Don't hesitate a second to book an Autumn escape to this wonderful island that has so much to offer all year round!