Summer 2017 Cultural & Musical Events in Chania

June 2, 2017

The rebellious and vivid Cretan spirit is a reason of celebration in itself and that is why the island of Crete organizes more festivals, fairs, cultural and musical events than most Greek islands. Especially during the summer months, the entire island of Crete and mainly the region of Chania is bursting with festive fever with a series of events honoring its gracious nature, its history and heritage.

Let's take a closer look at the most remarkable summer events in Chania for 2017.

Celebrating the inauguration of summer, a wide array of sports events in Crete are organized in Nea Kydonia from May to September featuring several sports such as beach volley, beach soccer, beach handball and racket games.

Moving on to the month of June and to the Cultural Summer Events, the city of Chania welcomes guests from June to September to enjoy a series of musical concerts, theater performances, art and photo exhibitions, lectures, sports and competitions set in Chania's most exceptional cultural venues such as the Public Garden, the Venizelio music school, the theater of Eastern Trench, the Park of Peace and Friendship and many more.

The month of June ends with the most powerful event of all, the Chania Rock Festival which is considered the biggest Rock and Metal festival in all of Greece and in Europe. This year's festival will be featuring bands such as the German Blind Guardian, the Warlord, the Greek band, Inner Wish and the Septic Flesh from June 30th to July 31st.

Stepping back in time, the Naval Week Festival on the first week of July takes place in the port of Chania town, celebrating the Naval power of Crete through the courses of history. On the 19th of July, visitors will have the honor to attend the Cretan World Music Festival of 2017 in the village of Alikianos. A festival that has managed to bridge the Cretan folk music with ethnic and world Jazz and welcome a number of renowned artists in the gorgeous setting of Kapsomenos foundation.

Under the supervision of our esteemed collaborator, founder and exceptional violinist, Maria Manousaki, this year's festival also has the honor to host Vasili Skoula with his band, Haig Yazdjian with his band and the Cretan Jazz Project along with other world-renowned performers. On July 30th and 31st both locals and visitors are welcome to cheer with exceptional local wine and regional specialties at the Wine Festival of Vouves. For the dance lovers on the other hand the Dance Days Festival is about to fill the streets of Chania with party vibes in mid-July.

Continuing the summer cultural events, the month of August is filled with celebrations on the occasion of the Dormition of Virgin Mary on August 15th taking place in many churches within the municipality of Chania with feasts and folklore dances. In August, there are also many wine festivals in various villages of Chania as well as an agricultural exhibition in the old port.

The first week of September get ready to treat your palates to a flavorsome revelation at the Sardines Festival in Souda and let the festivities carry on all the way to Frangokastello and the large feast held on September 15th in honor of Agios Nikitas.

There is always something going on in Chania! Make sure to attend some of the top events that meet your preferences and cheer to the beauty, the glory and graciousness of this truly blessed part of Crete.